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Tax Reform Matters: “Very Little Has Been Done For Decades”

There is nothing flashy about a couple hundred people crowded into a room where the discussion is about state government revenue strategy.  As a photo opportunity, it’s not a great one.  But in Georgia, there might be nothing more important going on during these hot summer days.

The Special Council on Tax Reform and Fairness gaveled itself into action this week in Atlanta.  Media, lobbyists and others with skin in the game filled a huge conference room.  This fall the Council will propose ideas to stabilize state government’s wobbly income stream and make it less vulnerable to economic downturns.  The impact on Georgians could be profound. Continue reading

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Georgia Must Create Recession Resistant Tax Reform

Georgia is respected for fiscally conservative state budgets. But now money is tighter than since anyone can remember and there’s not much in the savings account.   At least we’re not like California where the state government budget resembles economic swamp water.

Tommy Hills is Georgia state government’s chief financial officer.  “I’ve told people I work with that this is not something that just next year is going to turn around,” Hills said recently at The Commerce Club in downtown Atlanta.  “It’s going to be a culture for two or three years of having to continue to cut budgets of all the state departments each year, including the education community.” Continue reading

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