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Georgia Should Create Ultra High Performance Schools for Smartest Kids

Mike Klein

Georgia is shopping for ideas.  In particular, ideas that will shape a competitive state, one that is fundamentally attractive to investors, corporations considering relocation and industries that might want to be created from scratch here.  In an ultra-competitive society it is not too much to suggest that the state with the best ideas will produce a post-recession vibrant economy.

On Monday, Governor Nathan Deal’s Competitiveness Initiative held a conference at Georgia Tech.  The theme went like this:  The state must pass next year’s transportation sales tax; it is crucial to growth and jobs.  Incentives matter.  Smart regions require lots of smart people. Georgia has the political will to succeed.  As Atlanta goes, so goes Georgia.  And so on.

Then on Thursday the state Department of Education released 2011 AYP – Adequate Yearly Progress – and graduation rates.  There were a couple messages.  Georgia has only a “slim” chance to meet No Child Left Behind 2014 goals, which a lot of folks consider unreasonable.  The most important message is we must do more to educate every child for lifetime success.

In the spirit of offering ideas, here are two for consideration:

Establish Ultra-High Performance Schools

Everyone agrees it’s all about education and a prepared workforce.

Georgia should create a generation of Ultra-High Performance Schools – public schools for exceptionally gifted kids.  Organize them as state special charter schools.  The investment is worth it.  Make sure smartest kids are identified before middle school or earlier.  Incentivize parents of smart kids to move them into Ultra-High Performance Schools where they will experience the highest level of education.  Encourage these kids to stay smart and not be embarrassed about being smart. Continue reading

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