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Good Photos, Good Wood, Real Heroes and Snowflakes

One year ends, another soon begins.   Sharing these thoughts:

A good photograph saves one moment forever.  Use them liberally with family.

Afghanistan will not become the next Vietnam but Iraq will become South Korea.

Americans will not feel like we are at war until more Americans die in an American city.

Atlanta’s new mayor seems like a nice young man who inherits a dysfunctional city.

Barack Obama skipped the Nobel Peace Prize luncheon; that is poor manners.

Campaigning for President is much easier than doing the actual job.

Climate change began millions of years ago.  That’s why the dinosaurs died.

Climate change memo to Al Gore:  Stop inventing stuff and polar bears can swim.

Sweaters, Crew Cuts and Big Debt

Did anyone wear sweaters on television before Perry Como and Andy Williams?

Do you remember when your parents made you wear a crew cut?  How cruel!!!

Do you suppose many Georgians can name even two or three 2010 gubernatorial candidates?

Essential government is far too often non-essential.  It’s time to eliminate some government priorities.

Everyone should attend a Department of Labor regional Job Fair.  It’s extremely sobering.

Expanding federal government debt will ruin this nation for generations.

Federal government transparency is three long words but not much transparency.

Folks who are waiting for their old job to return won’t be working anytime soon.

Give Thanks for Family and More

Georgia needs to excel in something, and soon before it’s too late.

Georgia Republicans have three months to prove they should be re-elected next November.

Give thanks each day for family, good health and friends.  Nothing is more important.

Good wood is best preserved in good guitars.

Good years pass too quickly to spend time griping about anything at all.

Government terrorist lists that allow terrorists onto commercial planes are just government fiction.

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is a statewide economic asset that should become a state asset.

Has anyone figured out why John Oxendine posted a campaign picture from his wife’s hospital room?

Has anyone noticed President Obama looks a lot older than on January 20?  Stress does that.

Health Care Exhausted the Nation

Health care reform became health insurance reform because it would establish an Obama legacy.

Health care reform should have been about:

** Ensuring protection for long-term uninsured, whatever their number; it’s up for debate.

** Ensuring that short-term uninsured receive temporary protection they need.

** Ensuring that folks who have pre-existing conditions are protected against financial ruin.

** Ensuring the financial stability of Medicaid, Medicare and Veterans Administration programs.

Health care reform will take years and will never end, regardless of what you have heard.

Health care reform turned millions of sleeping Americans into political activists.  That is good.

“It’s The Economy, Stupid!”

Immigration reform is one big one that got lost.  Not to worry, they can fix immigration next year.

“It’s the economy, stupid!”  The administration missed the point out of the starting gate.

Johnny Isakson is among the few statesman politicians anywhere on the horizon today.

Newspapers should print columns written by dead people; we miss their long lost wisdom.

One man with one family but no home and no future means we have all failed just a little bit.

One million Georgians filed for unemployment since December 2007; we are in a huge meltdown.

One person with one idea can change the world; see Jonas Salk and polio vaccine.

Personal change came this year when one career suddenly ended, opening many great new doors.

Real Heroes and Snowflakes

Real heroes are people like Bill Bolling at the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

Real unemployment is probably higher than 17% and might be 30 million or more people.

Republicans will regain national prominence when they offer solutions that people understand.

Snowflakes are made in heaven for little boys and little girls. Each year I search the sky for snowflakes.

Stability is what happens when nothing much is happening.  If your goal is stability, create a new goal.

Television networks and newspapers had a great 20th Century; it’s not looking so good this century.

The Georgia Research Alliance is among the state’s most significant assets; it deserves more resources.

The 21st Century’s leading nation is named Chindia.  Current population about 2.45 billion.

And the Next Nobel Peace Prize Goes To:

The next Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded to the people of Iran.  Anything else is a farce.

There is a Mao Tse Tung Christmas tree ornament inside the White House.  That is disgusting.

Tiger Woods proved to be a marriage hypocrite.  Well, so did FDR, Jack Kennedy and Bill Clinton.

Washington is proof that best business and government practices are not found in Washington.

We need Sam Nunn’s wisdom on so many important strategic issues.

What in the world has happened to CNN?

When I was in second grade I remember getting hit with a Facebook.  I think Butch threw it.

Who told Axelrod, Pelosi and Reid that they are in charge of the country?

Why hasn’t Georgia media treated Karen Handel like national media treated Sarah Palin?

Finally, here’s wishing you great prosperity, health and good fortune.

Happy New Year!

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