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Braves Need Jermaine Dye; Missed on Mark DeRosa

Atlanta Mike Pix_Press_Club_189_-_Version_2There is some indication that good times might return to the Ted.

After looking lost for months, Your Atlanta Braves re-ignited using some of their least expensive assets … Tommy Hanson, Martin Prado, Gregor Blanco and Matt Diaz.

Victory tonight would sweep the Phillies, complete a respectable 7-6 record during two weeks against the Red Sox, Cubs, Yankees and Phillies and continue to restore some magic.

But can this continue with an offense that remains mysterious?

Give them this; they tried hard to figure it out.

Rafael Furcal, in a weird deal that never happened, stayed with the Dodgers and Ken Griffey returned to Seattle after almost signing with Atlanta where, the story goes, he really, really, really wanted to play.

Through Wednesday evening Furcal’s numbers are .240 with three home runs and 17 RBIs. Griffey’s numbers are .219 with ten home runs and 26 RBI.  Atlanta could replace everyone who played second base and left field this season with Furcal and Griffey, and the Braves would still find themselves in fourth place.

How to fix the inconsistent hitting Atlanta line-up remains the biggest challenge.

Nate McLouth is a definite major upgrade, a legitimate All-Star. Garret Anderson is likely a one-year rental. His platoon mate Matt Diaz might remain here indefinitely as a fourth outfielder.  He is that good in that role, the best they’ve got.  Who knows about Jeff Francoeur?

I often wonder why there is so little discussion about the former Atlanta Brave who became one baseball’s legitimate mashers. Jermaine Dye plays right field for the White Sox.  His current 18 home runs, 48 RBIs and .294 average are a fairly typical year.

Dye played exactly one season in Atlanta, his 1996 rookie year.  Then he was off to 14 seasons split almost equally between Kansas City, Oakland and the White Sox.

Dye’s numbers since leaving John Schuerholz and Your Atlanta Braves are absolutely gaudy:   2,949 total bases, 1,646 hits, 1,002 runs batted in, 341 doubles and 304 homeruns.  He might play another five years.  These are starting to look like Hall of Fame statistics.

Wouldn’t anyone want those numbers in the Atlanta outfield the past 14 years?

Here’s an idea.  Send Francoeur to Chicago, return Dye to Atlanta.  The Braves need an outfield veteran who commands respect because he has numbers up in the Chipper Zone.

How did the St. Louis Cardinals so easily acquire former Brave Mark DeRosa last week from Cleveland?  Since the beginning of the 2008 season, DeRo has 34 home runs and 137 RBIs, primarily as a middle infielder.

Did anyone here know DeRo was available?  His agent is Atlanta-based.  His home is in Atlanta.  He was extremely popular with Atlanta’s fans and teammates.  DeRosa would have improved the Braves roster.  He can play almost anywhere. But not in Atlanta.

There is some indication that good times might return to the Ted.

But three good games do not reclaim a season.

Let’s go get Jermaine Dye.

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